How To Use Cistus Tea To Repel Ticks - Tea Cup And Pitcher

How To Use Cistus Tea To Repel Ticks

Summer is just around the corner, which means lots of outdoor fun, including barbecues, pool parties, and time spent in the canyons or at the lake. Unfortunately, annoying bugs and insects are part of the picture. What if I told you that drinking a special type of tea could make you inhospitable to mosquitoes, ticks, … Read more

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Menopause And Skin Health

Women associate menopause with weight gain, hot flashes, joint pain, insomnia, and cognitive decline, but did you know that as much as 30% of the collagen in your skin is lost in the first five years after menopause? I don’t know about you but that’s a staggering statistic. Who wants to look old from the … Read more

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Does Stress Cause Acne?

Do you have more breakouts and acne flares when you’re stressed? You’re not imagining things, the connection between stress and acne is real, and is driven by a few mechanisms. How does stress cause acne? Here are 5 ways. 1. Sebum is a waxy substance produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin. This oily … Read more

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Benefits Of Doing A Retinol Peel

Retinol, and the term “anti-aging,” go together like a hand in a glove. You can’t separate the two. If you just used retinol and sunscreen, you’d have covered a lot of bases in regard to how your skin ages. There are a number of ways to use retinol, including moisturizing lotions, eye creams, anti-aging serums, … Read more

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7 Ways To Get Rid Of Clogged Pores

If you have clogged pores, you know how self-conscious they can make you feel.  Why do they become clogged in the first place? Overtime, pores can become plugged with bacteria, sebum, and dead skin cells. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get rid of clogged pores and restore your radiant complexion. What Causes Clogged … Read more

7 Reasons To Do A Mandelic Acid Peel

Mandelic acid is an aromatic alpha hydroxy acid extracted from bitter almonds. It has anti-bacterial properties so is helpful for treating acne and the visible signs of aging. It’s also used as an oral antibiotic for treating urinary tract infections. Used as a peeling agent, mandelic acid stimulates cell turnover, reducing fine lines, evening out … Read more

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10 Medications That Cause Photosensitivity

10 Medications That Cause Photosensitivity Did you know that certain medications can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight? You may be surprised at the prescriptions mentioned because they’re quite common. Following are 10 medications that cause photosensitivity. Be aware that the chemicals within the drugs undergo changes when exposed to the sun. What Is … Read more

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Oily Skin Care Tips And Tricks

Oily Skin Care Tips And Tricks Greasy, perpetually moist skin can be embarrassing. Shine is typically associated with good things, just not when it’s front and center on your face. Enlarged pores don’t help matters. Fortunately, there are hacks to reduce that annoying perennial shine. Stay tuned for some oily skin care tips and tricks. … Read more

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Hyaluronic Acid [The Ultimate Hydrator]

We’re all looking for tools to help us look our best and this includes skincare. The benefits of hyaluronic acid are undisputed. It’s a popular heavyweight in the cosmetics industry. In this post you’ll learn why hyaluronic acid is the ultimate hydrator for glowing, radiant skin. What Exactly Is Hyaluronic Acid? Hyaluronic acid (HA) is … Read more