DIY Hand Sanitizer Spray Recipe [Natural and Non-Toxic]

Hand sanitizers are convenient, and the theory behind them is certainly a good one, they kill germs. BUT, it comes with a price because they’re formulated with toxic ingredients. What if you could package all that convenience and germ-killing awesomeness into an all natural and non-toxic recipe your can make in your own kitchen? Good news, you can. Check out my DIY hand sanitizer spray to keep yourself safe this winter.

DIY Hand Sanitizer Spray - Essential Oils By Purple Flowers

Hand sanitizers are certainly handy, however, they can’t replace good old-fashioned soap and warm water. I would limit their use for when you can’t access a bathroom, making them a great choice for when you’re traveling. Making your own hand sanitizer is inexpensive, and you can whip up a bottle in a matter of minutes. Toss it in your purse to use in the car, when you’re out in nature, or at the gym.


Triclosan is an antibacterial and antifungal agent that isn’t just used in hand sanitizers, but in toothpaste, cosmetics, deodorant, and other body care products. It’s also used in toys. Fortunately, the FDA has banned the use of triclosan, and other toxic ingredients, in healthcare settings, stating that it is not recognized as safe, nor effective, for use in over-the-counter antiseptic products. This includes rubs and washes, surgical hand scrubs, and antiseptic preparations used on patients.

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Due to this ban, “manufacturers have stopped the manufacture and distribution of products containing triclosan.” Keep in mind though, this only applies to over-the-counter products used in the healthcare industry. Triclosan is still in many products. Another issue with triclosan is that it doesn’t exclusively kill harmful bacteria on the skin, but kills all bacteria, including bacteria that is beneficial. It also dampens immune function, making it less likely you’ll be able to fight off infection.

Studies have linked triclosan to antibiotic resistance, skin irritation, and endocrine disruption. When combined with chlorine in tap water, triclosan is transformed into chloroform, a substance suspected to be carcinogenic to humans. In the presence of water and sunlight, it can be converted into dioxin, a known toxic compound.

Triclosan can alter hormonal signaling by mimicking hormones, binding to hormone receptors, and can even affect how receptors are made. With so many people struggling with hormonal imbalances today, this is reason alone to steer clear of any products containing triclosan. To complicate matters, traces can be detected in tap water even after being filtered.

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DIY Hand Sanitizer Spray



  • Using a small funnel, combine the first four ingredients in a two-ounce glass spray bottle and shake well. Then add several drops of your favorite essential oils.
  • Spritz two or three sprays on the palms of your hands and rub together until evaporated

This homemade spray is not rocket science so play around with the ingredients, especially the essential oils, to get a formula that you love. Non-toxic hand sanitizer makes a great gift, especially for people with little kids.

Key Points

Hand sanitizer can be a lifesaver when traveling or otherwise on the go. The recipe above is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral, and only takes a few minutes to make. Protect yourself and your family this winter by making this simple, yet effective hand sanitizer spray.

Were you aware of the dangers of triclosan? Let me know in the comments:)



(1) McKESSON: Regulatory Roundup: Triclosan Ban in Hand Hygiene Products by FDA

12 thoughts on “DIY Hand Sanitizer Spray Recipe [Natural and Non-Toxic]”

  1. I love the idea of making my own hand sanitizer. This is great. Is it possible to have you explain what each of the ingredients do in the recipe to know if I could say substitute rose oil for a different smell rather than tea tea oil? I would like to know which ones are a must and which could be changed.


    • Hi Jane,

      Yes, it sure is fun and easy to make your own hand sanitizer. I like using tea tree oil because it’s antibacterial, but you could certainly add rose oil to the mix as well. Peppermint, eucalyptus, citronella, geranium, and lemongrass are all antibacterial so you could swap those out for the tea tree oil if you’d rather. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment:)

  2. I have seen a number of people who make use of hand sanitizers and over the years, it has become a norm in every healthy household. It looks like it’s easy to make and it works. This is very nice and I will very much want to give it a try. Thanks a lot for this. Cheers!

    • Yes, it is easy to make and very effective. Give it a try. Hand sanitizer makes a good gift, and is handy to have around during cold and flu season. Thanks so much for reading:)

  3. Having the service of protection from hand sanitizer is very good and of great benefits, cleanliness is a crucial  need and it keeps us safe from bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. I like the fact that this hand sanitizer is made from natural ingredients and it isn’t toxic, it’ll safe money and it’ll also give you the assurance that you’ve made something of good quality. Thanks for sharing the recipes, I’ll surely try to make mine.

    • Hand sanitizer is convenient to have on hand, especially in the winter. It’s also really great if you travel a lot or have small children. Whip up a batch. It’s fun and effective!

  4. It’s of great advantage to have recipes like this to guide and help you make your own naturally made hand sanitizer spray. I love trying out new things, likewise my wife does as well, and I know she’s gonna love this idea of DIY hand sanitizer. This should actually be better quality than the purchased ones because you can ensure that you put safety first and also make it with good ingredients. I’ll find my way through it soon and I’ll make sure to get back to you.

    • I love DIY potions and sprays. They don’t take a lot of time to make, and you have control over the quality of the ingredients. I hope your wife enjoys the recipe. Have fun and thanks so much for reading my post:

  5. It’s a very great opportunity for me to have come across this post, I take my time to make most things that I use at home by myself, and I look out for good and reliable websites like this that can provide me with enough information DIY health products. Hand sanitizer spray is a good choice and I must appreciate you for adding the recipes, that’s definitely going to be of much help, thank you.

    • Oh, I’m so glad you like the hand sanitizer recipe. I like making things from home as well. Have fun making the recipe and thanks for leaving a comment:)

  6. Oh, this is very good. I didn’t know that one can easily make a good hand sanitiser at home. You see they are a really big saving grace when it comes to eradicating germs. I think that I will really love to try making it because I am very experimental. At least, this will save me the stress of thinking of buying the sanitizer spray anymore. Thanks!


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