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5 AMAZING DIY Tips For Dry Lips

Dry lips are the worst. I live in Utah where we don’t have much humidity. The dry air can do a number on my lips, especially during the winter months. I’m guessing you’ve experienced this, as well. Try these tips for dry lips to keep your smackers moist and plump no matter where you live. … Read more

How To Get Plumper Lips - Woman Sucking On A Lollipop

How To Get Plumper Lips From Home With A SIMPLE DIY Hack

Have you reached an age where you’re noticing that your lips have less volume?  I’ve always been worried about crow’s feet, but haven’t thought much about my lips… until now. Groan… Before you bite the bullet and get Botox, first grab a dermaroller – I hope you have one – and use it on your … Read more

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The 8 Best Foundations With Sunscreen

There’s nothing like foundation to smooth, color correct, and give you that fresh-faced look. It’s provides the perfect palette for blush, lipstick, eye shadow, and mascara. You can skip a step in your skincare routine if you buy foundation that contains sunblock. Not only will your complexion look flawless, your skin will be protected from … Read more

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The Best Way To Whiten Your Teeth At Home

A dynamite smile is one of the best ways to upgrade your appearance. And don’t think a pearly white smile has to cost a lot.  A great way to whiten your teeth at home is to use two household staples you already have in your medicine cabinet or pantry. Grab some hydrogen peroxide and baking … Read more