Aqua Cure - Fountain of Life Generator

CYBER MONDAY Aqua Cure Sale: Take $250 Off The Fountain Of Life

Here in the US, we just celebrated Thanksgiving. Hope you had a great weekend wherever you live. I’d like to introduce you to a revolutionary health tool, called the Aqua Cure, which is referred to as the Fountain of Youth or The Fountain of Life. In truth, it is both… The Aqua Cure is a … Read more

Molecular Hydrogen Therapy -Ice Water With Lemon

Is Molecular Hydrogen Therapy The Fountain Of Youth?

I’d like to introduce you to a revolutionary health tool that is referred to as the Fountain of Youth or The Fountain of Life. In truth, it is both… Enter the AquaCure… a molecular hydrogen generator that produces Brown’s gas, which the human body is able to utilize to heal from disease, while preventing and … Read more

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The Best Way To Whiten Your Teeth At Home For A SPARKLING Smile

A dynamite smile is one of the best ways to upgrade your appearance. And don’t think a pearly white smile has to break the bank.  A great way to whiten your teeth at home is to use two simple household staples you already have in your medicine cabinet or pantry. Grab some hydrogen peroxide and … Read more

Retinol Chemical Peel - Woman With Towel On Head

How To Do A Retinol Chemical Peel At Home

Retinol, and the term “anti-aging,” go together like a hand in a glove. You can’t separate the two. If you just used retinol and sunscreen, you’d have covered a lot of bases in regard to how your skin ages. There are a number of ways to use retinol, including moisturizing lotions, eye creams, anti-aging serums, … Read more

7 Reasons To Do A Mandelic Acid Peel - Beautiful Woman

7 Reasons To Do A Mandelic Acid Peel

Mandelic acid is an aromatic alpha hydroxy acid extracted from bitter almonds. It has anti-bacterial properties so is helpful for treating acne and the visible signs of aging. It’s also used as an oral antibiotic for treating urinary tract infections. Used as a peeling agent, mandelic acid stimulates cell turnover, reducing fine lines, evening out … Read more

How To Use Cistus Tea To SLOW Aging and FIGHT Free Radical Damage - Teapot and Cup

How To Use Cistus Tea To SLOW Aging and FIGHT Free Radical Damage

Tea is becoming increasingly popular as people make an effort to decrease the amount of coffee they drink each day. Green tea, yerba mate, and kombucha are referred to frequently in the health arena. What is cistus tea? I bet you haven’t heard of it, which is unfortunate because it’s much richer in antioxidants, flavonoids, … Read more

Medications That Cause Photosensitivity - Woman At Pool

10 Medications That Cause Photosensitivity [Protect Your Skin If You’re On These]

Did you know that some medications can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight? You may be surprised at the prescriptions mentioned in this article because they’re quite common. Chemicals within certain drugs undergo changes when exposed to the sun. Be aware of these 10 medications that cause photosensitivity. What Is Photosensitivity? Photosensitivity, also called … Read more

The Benefits of Retinol - Beautiful Woman

The Benefits Of Retinol For A YOUTHFUL Complexion

Retinol is right up there with sunscreen when it comes to aging, or rather anti-aging. No one disputes that wearing sunscreen is absolutely vital if you want to age well. The benefits of retinol are numerous, it’s the gold standard when it comes to collagen and elastin production, cell turnover, and a plump, dewy complexion. … Read more

The 10 Best Foods For A Clear Complexion - Colorful Food

The 10 Best Foods For A Clear Complexion

We all know that what we eat affects our health, but what many people don’t realize, is the impact food has on skin health. Your complexion is like a mirror of what’s going on internally. If you want beautiful skin make sure you’re eating a nourishing diet. Check out 10 of the best foods for … Read more

Does Face Yoga Really Work - Pretty Woman With Finger On Chin

Does Face Yoga REALLY Work? [Firm, Chisel, Contour]

Have you thought about exercising your face? I bet the idea has never crossed your mind. We all know how important it is to exercise our bodies so why not apply the same concept to our faces? Novel idea, right? Today I want to discuss a facial technique called face yoga. Its proponents say it’s … Read more

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Benefits Of Photobiomodulation Therapy For Younger Looking Skin

Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT), also known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), is a therapy that utilizes light to reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and accelerate tissue repair. Did I mention, it stimulates collagen production in the skin, leading to fewer wrinkles and a younger-looking complexion? You can buy your own device and use it daily in … Read more

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Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X Review

You know that unsightly hair on your legs and upper lip? How’d you like to obliterate it forever? Now you can with the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X, an FDA-approved device that has been clinically proven to safely eliminate hair on both the face and body, and the only laser hair removal device that has … Read more

woman with dermaroller

How To Use A Dermaroller For Younger Looking Skin

I know you’re going to love this post. Why? Because who doesn’t want to stimulate collagen, reduce wrinkles, and look younger. Dermarolling is a simple treatment you can do at home to improve the appearance of your skin. And did I mention it’s very inexpensive, which is typically unheard of when it comes to anti-aging … Read more

ProFractional Laser Treatment

ProFractional Laser Treatment [What Is It And Does It Work?]

ProFractional laser treatments are performed at skin care clinics or medical spas to stimulate the production of collagen, reduce scarring, and smooth discoloration, while improving the overall texture and appearance of the skin. Since the effects are cumulative, three or four treatments are suggested for optimal results. What is a ProFractional laser treatment and does … Read more

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The AMAZING Benefits Of Vitamin C For The Skin

  Vitamin C is a critical nutrient and vital for good health. It prevents scurvy, is essential for blood vessel health, and supports the immune system. But did you know that vitamin C is a natural remedy for beautiful skin? It’s one of my secret weapons in my skin care arsenal. Vitamin C is responsible … Read more

The Benefits Of Ozonated Olive Oil - Ozonated Olive Oil With Olives

The AMAZING Benefits Of Ozonated Olive Oil

We all know how healthy olive oil is, but have you heard of ozonated olive oil? I’ve been using this healing oil for years. I love how it makes my skin look and feel. It’s also great to have on hand as a therapeutic salve. Use it for cuts, burns, bites, scars, swelling, diaper rash, … Read more

What Is A Tuning Fork Facial - Tuning Forks

What Is A Tuning Fork Facial?

Many people associate tuning forks with piano tuning, but have you heard of using tuning forks for facials? I bet you haven’t? Although, sound therapy isn’t new and has been on the scene for quite some time, using tuning forks cosmetically is just now gaining ground. What is a tuning fork facial? What Is A … Read more

Do Silk Pillowcases Prevent Wrinkles - Girl On Bed With Bulldog

Do Silk Pillowcases Prevent Wrinkles?

Did you know you’ll spend a third of your life in bed? What if there was a way to prevent crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles why you sleep? Kind of like multi-tasking. Are you curious? Do silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles? Let’s unpack that question. What Is Silk? Silk production is an amazing process. It is … Read more

The Benefits Of Hydrogen Water For Combatting Oxidative Stress In The Skin - Beautiful Sunset

3 Benefits Of Drinking Hydrogen Water To Prevent Wrinkles

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and the first element on the periodic table. It is literally everywhere – it’s found in the sun, the stars, and water – we can’t see it though because it’s colorless and odorless. H2 is the simplest element in the universe because it has no neutrons. … Read more