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10 Gorgeous Hair Hacks

Who hasn’t had a bad hair day? I know I have and nothing is right with the world on that unfortunate day. I guess it’s not reasonable to expect perfect hair every day – great big sigh! At least, there are things within our control to make sure that our bad hair days happen less … Read more

What Is A Tuning Fork Facial - Tuning Forks

What Is A Tuning Fork Facial?

Many people associate tuning forks with piano tuning, but have you heard of using tuning forks for facials? I bet you haven’t? Although, sound therapy isn’t new and has been on the scene for quite some time, using tuning forks cosmetically is just now gaining ground. What is a tuning fork facial? What Is A … Read more

How Often Should You Exfoliate - Sugar & Cinnamon Sticks

How Often Should You Exfoliate?

Are you a scrubber. Huh? I am and I’ll tell you why. Let me begin by saying that “scrubbing” is a lot funner to say than “exfoliation.” Exfoliation is using an abrasive substance to remove dead skin cells. That’s it. There’s no more to it than that. This simple skincare technique packs a big punch … Read more

Does Stress Cause Wrinkles - Stress And Relax Sign

Does Stress Cause Wrinkles?

Does stress cause wrinkles? The short answer is a resounding, “Yes!” But just how do life stressors contribute to lines on the face? The mechanism is really quite simple: high cortisol levels degrade collagen, and the less collagen you have, the more wrinkles you’ll see. High levels of cortisol are caused by acute and chronic … Read more

Benefits Of Marine Collagen Peptides - Beautiful Smoothies

Benefits Of Marine Collagen Peptides

If you’re not aware of the benefits of marine collagen peptides for your skin, you’re in for a treat. If you want radiant skin and thicker hair, you’ll definitely want this product in your beauty arsenal. It’s all about supporting your body’s own collagen production, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know … Read more