FLEXISPOT Desk Bike Review [Fight Flab While You Work!]

We all know how essential exercise is for a healthy body and beautiful skin. What if you could combine the benefits of exercise and catch up on your work at the same time? Now you can with the FLEXISPOT desk bike. Gone are the days where you have to choose between whether to exercise or whether to study. It’s the ultimate in multitasking.

FLEXISPOT Desk Bike Review - Desk Bike

I know for many of you, finding the motivation and the time to exercise can be hard. Desk bikes make getting enough daily movement a cinch because you can catch up on tasks while you’re working. The bike is sturdy, easy to assemble, and the rolling wheels make it portable. How awesome to use it on an outdoor deck in the summer!

FLEXISPOT Desk Bike Benefits

Getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine beats exercising indoors, but let’s be realistic, there are many times where that isn’t going to happen. The weather may not be cooperating, your bike may have a flat tire, not to mention it gets dark so early in the winter months. Indoor stationary bikes trump when it comes to convenience. The issue isn’t what you’d rather be doing, but what you will do.

The battery-operated LCD display lets you track metrics, such as how much time you’ve spent on the bike, how far you’ve ridden, the RPMs, and how many calories you’ve burned. Stationary bikes are great for both short burst training workouts, and longer, less-intense exercise sessions.

If you can hop on a bike and pedal away to your favorite sitcom, the chances that you’ll exercise go up exponentially. The convenience factor will always be huge. The FLEXISPOT desk bike is good for all ages, including students, stay-at-home moms, and the elderly, who are often sedentary. Kids will also enjoy it for releasing pent-up energy.

Pedal away while conducting an online meeting or when talking to friends. The bike is quiet enough that it won’t be distracting to whoever you’re talking to. You don’t need to pedal so fast that you’re breathless. Pedaling slow is still great for circulation and burning calories.The standing desk is sleek-looking, and will complement any space, including small areas. Benefits include:

  • Lose unwanted pounds
  • Increase circulation to joints
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Better quality sleep 
  • Burn calories
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Improve BMI
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Ease anxiety
Lose weightBetter quality sleepImprove BMI
Boost circulation to jointsBurn caloriesReduce cholesterol
Improve mental clarityStrengthen musclesEase anxiety

Moving While Learning

The FLEXISPOT desk bike enables learning while you move. Like most of us, I spend a lot of time sitting. It always amazes me how sitting can generate so many aches and pains. Jumping on a bike for even a few minutes, without interrupting your work flow, can alleviate stiffness and muscle soreness, while boosting circulation and mental clarity.

Once you get moving and the blood starts pumping, your motivation to move will increase, as will your focus. The desk is roomy enough to accommodate a laptop, a smartphone, and a couple of notebooks. The handy cup holder will conveniently hold your favorite beverage. And the best part? The bike is quiet. If you notice any rattling, tighten the screws, which will remedy the problem.

The desk bike comes almost entirely assembled, you’ll just need to attach the desk, put in the seat, place batteries in the LCD, and tighten any loose screws. This is a huge advantage, and one you’re likely well aware of, if you’ve ever had to put together something with a hundred pieces.

Fine tune the height of the seat and desk using the adjustment lever, which requires only a simple press. No need to make adjustments using bulky pins or knobs. You can also adjust the desk to be closer or further away from you. The FLEXISPOT is a must-have for both the home and office.

This could be the solution you’ve been looking for if you work full time, and are lacking the motivation to exercise. Biking is a great way to shed those unwanted pounds that have imperceptibly started to accumulate. You can also use the desk, without the bike, if you want to stand up while you work.

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  • Sturdy and compact, yet portable
  • LCD for displaying time, RPMs, calories, and distance
  • Adjustable resistance (settings range from 2 to 8+)
  • Easy assembly
  • Quiet and enjoyable to pedal
  • Adjustable desk height and seat
  • Convenient cup holder
  • Great for both home and office
  • Affordable
  • Sleek design will complement any room
  • Support heights from 5’1″ to 6’2″
  • Supports weight up to 300 pounds
  • Free shipping


  • Your tailbone may initially get sore if you’re not used to riding an upright bike. This problem can be mitigated by using a gel seat for added comfort.
  • Bike does not support weights over 300 pounds
Minimalistic design8 levels of resistanceEasy assembly
Sturdy caster wheels for portabilityLED displayWeight capacity up to 300 pounds
Adjustable seatMagnetic flywheelSupport heights between 5’1″ and 6’2″


  • Minimalistic design
  • Sturdy caster wheels for portability
  • Adjustable seat
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • LED display
  • Magnetic flywheel
  • Easy assembly
  • Weight capacity up to 300 pounds
  • Support heights between 5’1″ and 6’2″

Key Points

There’s nothing more important than health. If you don’t have it, that’s all you think about. A desk bike is a great way to incorporate movement into your busy schedule.

Lose weight, optimize brain function, and boost circulation, all while multitasking.There’s not a better way to invest in your health. Plus, it’s more affordable than a gym membership.

What is your favorite way to work out at home? Let me know in the comments:)

10 thoughts on “FLEXISPOT Desk Bike Review [Fight Flab While You Work!]”

  1. Wow! This is really innovative and awesome. Since sitting has become the new smoking and it is very detrimental to health, there is need to pay more attention to it and this flexispot would help dormancy through sitting. I like the fact that it goes well with virtually everything one is doing while keeping the body charged through exercise. This is awesome to know about and I will surely consult my hubby to allow us get one of these to use at home. Thanks!

    • Thanks Shelley,

      It’s true that sitting has become a risk factor for good health. Most of us sit way too much. Bikes that allow movement while working are truly innovative. Thanks for your comment:)

  2. Hello there, thanks for sharing this amazing post. There have been cases both at work and home where l feel achy and like no blood flow is getting to my feet from lack of movement.  Looking at this device, its benefits can’t be over emphasized as one can easily exercise their muscles while working on something else, saving themselves from unwanted pain. I’ll have to check up on the price of this device and purchase one.

    • Thank you Dane. I get achy as well when I sit for too long. It’s amazing what a little movement will do to get the blood pumping. Thanks for reading!

  3. When I saw this review, what came to mind is how awesome it is to combine exercise with work, or eating, or playing games, or watching movies. The FlexiSpot sounds like a great solution for people who aren’t motivated to exercise. 

    I have to confess, I am very happy that I found this post. It’s so important to take care of our health, and equipment that makes that possible is just awesome.  This will be perfect for me, especially since I work from home. Thanks!

    • Hi John,

      Thanks so much for reading. The ability to combine exercise with other activities is a revolutionary idea, and one that will help a lot of people. I’m glad you found my post too. Thanks for your comment:)

  4. Hi Holly! Nowadays we’re constantly trying to find the time to exercise, which there never seems to be enough of. Being able to get fit while we work seems like a dream come true. I like quite a few aspects of FlexiSpot, and I want to highlight that it’s quiet, and the price is quite affordable. But what I like the most is that it’s portable.

    • Hi Henry,

      I agree, the time factor is certainly an issue for many people. Getting up enough momentum is another significant factor. Stationary bikes provide the perfect solution to both issues because of the ability to multitask and the ease of use. 

      The FlexiSpot has a lot of great features. How many stationary bikes have you seen that have wheels? The fact it’s portable is amazing, as well as that it’s quiet. Many bikes are fairly noisy. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. 

  5. Hi Holly

    I can most certainly see the benefit of exercise and working at the same time, which can improve your well being and your own productivity. There are two problems I can foresee, if the person operating the bike sits on the bike for a long period of time, it could get uncomfortable. 

    I like the concept and feel it could benefit a lot of people. Thank you!


    • Hi Antonio.

      Yes, I think a desk bike could benefit a lot of people. Each individual will have to determine how long is long enough to stay on the bike. Thanks so much for reading!


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