The BEST Moisturizer For Aging Skin

Are you on the hunt for a good moisturizer? I have exciting news. The wait is over. I’ve found the best moisturizer for aging skin. Want to know what it is? LARD. Yep, you heard me right – pig fat.  I’ve been slathering it on my skin for years, and it’s definitely a key component in my skin care routine. Keep reading to find out why lard may be the next revolutionary skin care ingredient.

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What Is Lard?

Lard is pig fat – plain and simple. It’s a soft creamy off-white color with a semi-soft texture. Its high saturated fat content makes lard the perfect shortening and butter spread. No wonder it’s been a staple ingredient in many cuisines worldwide. During World War II, lard was used as a substitute for butter when it was in short supply.

The popularity of lard  began to decline when vegetable oils became available.  After the war, lard was used less and less frequently because it was viewed as unhealthy due to its saturated fatty acid profile. We now know those claims about saturated fat are faulty.

Interestingly, butter contains more cholesterol and saturated fat than does lard. By the time the 1990s rolled around, lard began to make a comeback with chefs and bakers, partly due to the negative publicity hydrogenated vegetable oils and shortening were receiving.

Lard is particularly good for baking because it makes extremely flavorful and flaky pastries. Fats like lard and tallow are typically rendered, which is the process of melting and extraction that transforms fatty tissue into a stable, usable purified fat.

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Benefits Of Lard For The Skin

One of the reasons lard is such an extraordinary moisturizer lies in its cellar makeup, which shares a lot of similarity to human skin. Because of this similarity, lard absorbs effortlessly into the skin, softening and smoothing out skin tone, while reducing the appearance of age spots. The pH of lard is also similar to human skin. Lard contains both monounsaturated and saturated fats, but no transfat.  It is rich in vitamins A, D, and E, and omega 3 fatty acids, all highly beneficial for the skin.

In my opinion, it is the most underutilized skin care ingredient out there. Rendered lard from pastured pigs is inexpensive, and a tub will last you months. Because of it’s impressive qualities, pork fat is used to make bar soap, pomades, hand lotions, shaving creams, lip balms, as well as anti-aging facial creams. And because lard is so incredibly moisturizing, one dab will cover your entire face. And if you’re cringing right now at the thought of putting pork fat on your face, why are you still eating sausage and bacon?

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Lard contains immune-boosting vitamin D. However, the pigs need to have been exposed to sunlight. This is why you should only purchase lard from pasture-raised pigs. Vitamin D reduces inflammation, prevents skin cancer, and improves acne.

On cold winter days, when you skin feels like dried leather, liberally saturate your face with lard. Not only will you seal in moisture, you’ll also get a healthy dose of vitamin D, which is good for both your skin and body.

A One-Ingredient Wonder

Most anti-aging facial moisturizers contain a list of ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Guess how many ingredients lard contains? One – that’s unless you add other goodies to it like I do. It’s crucial to pay attention to what you put on your skin because it’s absorbed directly into your blood steam, unlike food that is first filtered through the liver. When I make my anti-aging lard cream, I add other nourishing ingredients to it like high-quality oils, hyaluronic acid, and essential oils.

Hyaluronic Acid [The Ultimate Hydrator]

Rosemary essential oil is one of my favorites because it’s a natural preservative. Because it’s a natural product, lard is also a gentle cleanser and won’t clog pores. If you want to try your hand at whipping up a face cream made with lard, just use lard as your base, and mix in a couple of your favorite skin care ingredients.

Lard Lip Balm Recipe

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for lip balm using lard. Now that your lips have likely been demolished by four months of winter, it’s time to bring out the big guns for some heavy duty repair. Here’s how you make it:



1. Fill a saucepan with a little water and turn on low

2. Put all ingredients, except the oil, into a small glass bowl

3. Leave bowl in the water until all the ingredients have melted

4. Stir, turn off the heat, and when cooled, remove the glass bowl

5. Add the rosemary oil

6. You can either pour the mixture into round tins or use a dropper to fill chapstick tubes 

7. The mixture will continue to harden for a couple of hours. I put my balm in the fridge to speed up the process

When I use chapstick tubes, I usually add a little more beeswax for firmness. Play around with the consistency until you achieve the firmness you like. I always save my empty lip balm tins to use for DIY lip balms like this. I buy lard from a local farm that raises pastured pigs. You can also buy it here.  Or if you’re ambitious, you can render your own lard. Watch the video above to learn how.

Key Points

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Let out a squeal for pig fat. Isn’t is amazing that the most extraordinary moisturizer on the planet is inexpensive, yet spectacular for aging skin.

I almost hesitated (for a quick second) to reveal one of my most prized beauty secrets.

What do you think about using lard as a moisturizer? Let me know in the comments:)





7 thoughts on “The BEST Moisturizer For Aging Skin”

  1. I never knew lard contained so many therapeutic qualities. I always viewed it in a negative light due to the saturated fat claims, but your article has changed my perceptions. 

    The fact that it contains some unsaturated fats along with vitamins, especially those that are beneficial to the skin, makes me wonder how it hasn’t made more of a comeback. I predict a bright future for lard.

    When it comes to skincare, we tend to overthink it and get too complex of products. Thank you!

    • Lard really is a great skin care ingredient. I’ve been using it both morning and night for years. Don’t you just love products that are inexpensive and effective?!

  2. Hello Holly,

    I have read your post of The Perfect Daily Moisturizer For Aging Skin. It’s a very nice post for people with aging or dry skin. Your advice is very easy to follow. Most people don’t know about lard so it’s good you wrote about it.  

    I appreciate your good work and I am going to share this post with others. 

    Thank you so much

    • Thanks for comment,

      You’re right, most people have never thought about using lard as a moisturizer. It’s awesome – you should definitely try it. 

  3. I love the layout of your site and the content is good. I like how you outlined the benefits of lard and how to use it. So many of the anti-aging moisturizers on the market today have ingredients you can’t even pronounce. 

    I think readers will enjoy your overall content and message. I like the fact that there are images on your side menu.I need to email you to get some tips..

    • Thank you Michael,

      Yes, so many anti-aging skin care products on the market today have as many as 20 ingredients in them, which most people haven’t even remotely heard of. I don’t get how chemicals can be anti-aging. 

  4. Used to make plenty of cold processed soap bars with it. Today I will begin using it for my skin. Truth, I ordered some tallow for this purpose and decided it was too expensive, cancelled my order and remembered lard which I have in my kitchen.



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