CYBER MONDAY Aqua Cure Sale: Take $250 Off The Fountain Of Life

Here in the US, we just celebrated Thanksgiving. Hope you had a great weekend wherever you live. I’d like to introduce you to a revolutionary health tool, called the Aqua Cure, which is referred to as the Fountain of Youth or The Fountain of Life. In truth, it is both…

The Aqua Cure is a molecular hydrogen generator that produces Brown’s gas, also called HydrOxy, HHO, or OxyHydrogen, which the human body is able to utilize to heal from disease, while preventing and reversing the symptoms of aging.

Traditional hydrogen generators use electrolysis to separate hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2) into their respective gases.

The Aqua Cure electrolyzer does NOT use a membrane to separate H2 and O2, as it is expressly designed to collect all gases produced via electrolysis.

This is where it gets really good…

Not only does the Aqua Cure generator produce hydrogen and oxygen, it also produces a water vapor called Electrically Expanded Water (ExW).

ExW is a plasma form of water (the 4th stage of matter) which provide electrons and energy, that are bio-available, to the human body.

Electrons are absolutely vital to human physiology.

Not only are they the body’s power source, electrons increase cellular ATP production, and play a crucial role in reducing oxidation.

This is huge… because oxidative damage is directly correlated to aging and disease.

Brown’s gas is a mixture of H2, O2, and ExW. The Aqua Cure utilizes this 3-pronged approach to health, enabling healing, rejuvenation, and regeneration.

This “fuel” of H2 and O2 is supercharged by ExW, the third portion of this healing trifecta.

Together, the three gases produce the entourage effect, whereby their combined effect is far greater than the individual impact of each component.

Hydrogen is our most important macro-nutrient.

We extract hydrocarbons from our food using the good bacteria in our intestinal tracts.

However, due to environmental toxicity, poor digestion, stressful lifestyles, GMOs, and electromagnetic frequencies, gut dysfunction is rampant in our society.

Therefore, a high percentage of people are, in fact, existing on fumes when it comes to extracting adequate hydrogen needed to fuel their bodies.

This sad state of affairs, is significantly playing into the epidemic of immune-dysfunction, autoimmunity, cancer, and all inflammatory disease states.

Virtually all health conditions are either caused by, or are worsened, by a lack of hydrogen.

Our bodies are comprised of 62% hydrogen and 24% oxygen by volume.

Supplying the body with these life-giving gasses is like providing pure nutrition to every cell at the foundational level.

Hydrogen is the single most powerful antioxidant on the planet…

H2 is able to effectively penetrate and diffuse through cellular membranes to stimulate ATP production within the mitochondria, repair DNA, and to brilliantly reduce the inflammatory and oxidative cascades that are precursors to all chronic health conditions.

One breathes in the gas, via a nasal cannula, and drinks the electron-rich water that is produced in a bubbler during gas production, to partake of the healing benefits of this amazing technology.

Notably, Brown’s gas has been extensively researched for decades.

There are over a 1,000 scientific studies that have detailed the healing capabilities of this revolutionary technology to mitigate, attenuate, and even cure over 170 diseases.

If you’re looking to turn back the hands of time, reverse and prevent disease, boost your athletic performance, and nourish your body at the most fundamental level, you owe it to yourself, and to your family, to check out this cutting-edge tool that, if used consistently, has the power to change your life.

By the way… the Aqua Cure comes with a lifetime warranty and a 1-year satisfaction warranty, no questions asked… so purchasing is extremely low-risk.

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