Squalane: A Natural Remedy For Beautiful Skin

Squalane is a nourishing and natural remedy for beautiful skin, making it a wonderful addition to any skincare routine.  I add it to my vitamin C serum because of its superb ability to penetrate the skin to moisturize and heal.  And because it’s a natural carrier oil, it boosts the effectiveness of other ingredients it’s combined with.

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Our bodies naturally produce squalane, in fact, it’s a component inherent in human sebum. Its production declines with age, manifesting as dry, flaky skin, and a dull complexion. The saturated fat in squalane makes it an ideal ingredient to include in beauty-care products because it won’t oxidize and has a long shelf life. Squalane protects against free-radical damage caused from UV radiation, and prevents age spots and other pigmentation.

A Natural Remedy For Beautiful Skin

Squalane is a sustainable skincare ingredient derived from olives and other plant sources, such as sugar cane, which go through a process of fermentation. Although squalane is an oil, it doesn’t feel greasy. Instead it feels light and luxurious, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth. Its magic lies in its ability to deeply penetrate the layers of the skin to hydrate and moisturize. It also has humectant properties, meaning it increases the the capacity of the skin to retain water.

Squalane is non-irritating, non-comedogenic, and is compatible with all skin types. It can be safely used by those with sensitive skin, even those with inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  Because of its antioxidant properties, squalane plays a critical role in skin aging. Unfortunately, levels of this highly beneficial lubricant drop sharply after age 50.

Don’t Confuse Squalane With Squalene

Don’t confuse squalane with squalene, an unsaturated oil derived from shark, that is highly unstable. Squalane is formed when squalene goes through a process of hydrogenation, resulting in a highly stable, saturated oil. Squalene, on the other hand, oxidizes when exposed to oxygen, giving it the potential to clog pores and cause acne when used as a skincare ingredient.

Squalane is lightweight, colorless and odorless, which is why it’s one of my go-to skincare ingredients.  Although, squalene has been used in the cosmetics industry for years as a moisturizing ingredient and emollient, due to its lack of sustainability, plant-derived sources like squalane have proven to be a more viable source. Squalane is far superior to squalene as a skincare ingredient. It  won’t go rancid, and is shelf stable for long periods of time.

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Squalane And Acne

Because of its non-comedogenic, antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, squalane can be used by those with acne, or who are prone to it. It even treats the scars caused by acne. Squalane balances sebum, or oil production, to decrease acne flares and breakouts, while protecting the skin from environmental pollution. Bacteria, specifically Propionibacterium acnes, or P. acnes, is the bacteria implicated in acne. When there is an reduction in sebum production, levels of bacteria decrease as well.

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xyz collagen bannerSqualane Is a Multitasker

We all want to be informed when it comes to our skincare, and this includes the products we use to nourish our hair and nails. Squalane is a powerful anti-aging multitasker, and isn’t just beneficial for lubricating and protecting the skin, it can also be used for strengthening the hair and nails. Because it acts as a barrier of sorts, any condition resulting from a lack of moisture, will benefit from the healing properties of squalane.

If you’ve got tame, unruly, frizzy hair, apply a few drops onto your hands, and work it into your hair to get that sleek, stylish look. Not only will squalane moisturize your hair, it will also prevent breakage and split ends. Squalane is a great alternative to traditional lips balms because of its ability to deeply hydrate to prevent chapping and dryness. As an added bonus, it is naturally shiny. It also works wonders on cracked and peeling cuticles or cracked heels. Squalane is inexpensive and a little goes a long way, making this versatile, restorative moisturizer a must-have in your skin care arsenal.

100% pure squalane oil

 Squalane with vitamin C and Rose oil

Benefits of Squalane

  • Speeds skin healing
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Prevents sun damage
  • Softens, moisturizes, and heals
  • Highly stable so does not oxidize
  • Compatible with all skin types
  • Is anti-aging
  • Absorbs well
  • Enhances elasticity
  • Regenerates cells
  • Great for nails and hair

Buy Vitamin C BannerKey Points

Squalane is a highly-absorbable emollient that lubricates and locks in moisture. Due to its ability to deeply penetrate the skin, it is a great carrier agent, and augments the healing properties of other ingredients it is combined with. Its silky, smooth, weightless texture is a natural remedy for beautiful skin. That’s why I include it in all my skincare serums and lotions.

Do you use squalane? Have I sold you on its benefits? Let me know in the comments:)

4 thoughts on “Squalane: A Natural Remedy For Beautiful Skin”

  1. Thank you for sharing this information about squalane.  I only recently heard about it.  I’ve been looking for a natural way to moisturize my skin. I might try it on my hair also. 

      I like the idea that it is highly stable.  I’m glad you mentioned the squalene. It would have been very easy to confuse the two since the names are so similar. I’ll now be watching this product carefully!

    • Hi Sondra,

      Yes, it’s easy to confuse squalane made from olives with squalene, which is derived from shark liver oil. I use squalane in my skin care and love it. It glides on so smoothly. I also like that it’s highly stable. 

      Give squalane a try. It’s affordable and you’ll love how moisturizing it is. One bottle will last you a long time. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

  2. This seems to be an all-in-one skincare product, which I believe will save more than a few dollars on investment. I also love how it works as an anti-oxidant that can help protect the skin against harmful chemicals and pollutants, giving this product even more power. All-natural, too, so squalane definitely holds the edge in the skincare market. 

    • Hi Todd,

      Squalane is certainly quite remarkable, and is definitely one of my go-to skin care ingredients. It prevents moisture loss and works great for all skin types. Because it has antioxidant properties it protects the skin from environmental toxicity. 

      Skin care ingredients that are naturally derived are always my top priority. I appreciate your comment. 


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